Thanks to the innovative combination of Phytic acid (used in many medical chemical peels), Vitamin C (powerful anti-oxidant), Arabion-xyloses and Papain-carbomer, this serum visibly acts on cutaneous uniformity, reduces the look of dark spots and brightens complexion.

Fillmed P-Bright Serum 30ml

  • P-Bright Serum bleaches pigmentations on several levels and brightens and smooths the skin tone for a healthier and more youthful skin. Phytic acid exfoliates the skin gently and inhibits melanin production, while vitamin C prevents pigmentation and acts as anti-inflammatory. Also contains an enlightening arabino xylose plant complex that treats several levels of melanin production as well as the exfoliating enzyme papain. Enlightening and leveling serum. Bleaching pigments on several different levels. Contains exfoliating papain and phytic acid. SKIN THERAPIST TIPS Always protect your skin daytime with a high sunscreen when treating pigmentations. ABOUT SKIN PERFUSION A customized product range with high concentrations of active ingredients that addresses specific problems.